FZ is a commercial electrical contracting company with four locations in Michigan: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, and Detroit. Additionally, there are two other locations in the Southern United States. FZ has been in business for over thirty years and employs 200-500 people. 

FZ Impact

FZ Impact affects both attraction and retention of their staff by incentivizing and prioritizing giving back to the community. The company leadership firmly believes that promoting this culture affects their ability to attract and retain the highest levels of local talent. 

Program Design

Launched in 2016, FZ Impact allows FZ employees to complete eight hours of paid time annually to impact their communities through volunteer work. This program connects employees’ personal passions to their work at FZ.

Key Components

FZ has a specific system used to approve and track both volunteer opportunities and the hours contributed by their staff. Community organizations or members can reach out to FZ for volunteers, and FZ Impact uses social media to post photos and promote engagement of its staff.


  • Program is highly regarded by FZ employees.
  • FZ Impact has garnered accolades from the communities it serves.
  • In 2017, over a quarter of employees utilized the program.