Haworth is a global leader in the contract furnishings industry with a headquarters in Holland, MI.

Haworth Summer Internship Program

The competition for attracting top talent is strong for Haworth, despite being a large and successful manufacturer. This is in part due to the fact that Haworth is not located in a major metropolitan area. In order to build awareness for the brand and attract talent, Haworth developed a Summer Internship Program. 

Program Design

The Summer Internship Program attracts between 75 and 80 college juniors and seniors for paid placements across the entire enterprise, embracing an array of manufacturing and operational disciplines.

Key Components

The program includes social and personal development opportunities in addition to a traditional internship experience. Interns also receive a housing stipend supported by a nearby college. Haworth views the program as a competitive opportunity, and the organization is very selective in the hiring process.

Internships are available in many departments and a variety of departments, from engineering to marketing. 

The program includes these four key elements:

  • Technical Experience: exposing the intern to a range of company disciplines
  • Company Content: including the major initiatives of the company
  • Networking Opportunities: including company managers and area professionals
  • Professional Development: offering sessions, classes, and workshops to enhance basic skills, capabilities, and opportunities for growth


  • Interns accomplish productive work during their months at the company
  • The internship program’s reputation and success has grown, positively impacting Haworth’s ability to attract top talent 
  •  Haworth’s brand image and awareness is positively impacted by the program
  • The program has grown to include 70 interns annually
  • Haworth is now hiring interns from overseas