Hello West Michigan

Hello West Michigan is a collaborative effort through member companies and other regional organizations that promotes the region to new talent and residents.

Area-Wide Talent Attraction

Hello West Michigan works to help their member companies recruit top talent to the area. This includes drawing new talent, connecting interns and recent graduates, highlighting the region to trailing spouses and significant others, and reconnecting talent looking to return to the region. 

Program Design

Hello West Michigan uniquely centralizes essential information for people relocating to the region as well as developing and managing campaigns using a variety of media to attract top candidates to West Michigan

Key Components

Hello West Michigan utilizes a robust website for resources including information highlighting the region to attract newcomers, networking groups, and job listings from partner companies. A weekly resume pack is sent to area employers, and Hello West Michigan utilizes outbound marketing campaigns on social media. Additionally, Hello West Michigan hosts several events and programs including ReThink West Michigan, a networking opportunity for those interested in returning to the region, and Intern Connect, a series of events to help area employers and interns network. 

In addition to these tools, Hello West Michigan utilizes advanced search techniques to find candidates from outside West Michigan who have some ties to the region. 


  • Over 40,000 Website users annually
  • Over 1,100 candidates connected to employers for full-time employment
  • 2,000+ resumes sent in weekly Resume Packs
  • 9.7 million ad impressions in 2017 
  • Over 250 attendees at five ReThink events in 2017, 40% of which are out-of-area attendees