Lakeshore Employer Resource Network of Mason County

The Lakeshore Employer Resource Network (ERN) of Mason County is a program that provides access to social services and training programs for employees to help support their development and retention. Lakeshore ERN of Mason County is in partnership with the United Way of Mason County and the Pennies from Heaven Foundation. 

Lakeshore ERN of Mason County

Small to mid-sized employers in the region saw the value in an Employer Resource Network, and impetus was provided by a partnership between a local family foundation and the area United Way. 

Program Design

The ERN has been in place for over 5 years. The foundational element is hiring a full-time Success Coach as a resource for all member companies. This Success Coach spends allocated time at each member company conducting classes in subjects such as Workplace Success or Interaction Skills and provides individual support.

Key Components

Lakeshore ERN of Mason County makes Success Coaches available to new employees as part of their onboarding process at each member company. Company HR directors also meet with Success Coaches monthly to review activity and provide oversight.

Success Coaches connect new employees with services to improve employment skills, overcome personal barriers, and prepare for advancement opportunities. 

In particular, the Bridge Loan Program has been successful in supporting the financial needs of member employees. Through this program, employees can take out loans despite having poor or no credit, pay them back through payroll deductions, and establish a savings as they do so.


  • Zero loss of member companies
  • Fully funded by member companies
  • Continually adding new member companies
  • Estimated to save each HR director 2-3 hours/week