Meijer, Inc. is a large retailer with many locations throughout West Michigan and the Midwest, including its headquarters in Grand Rapids. Founded in 1934, Meijer employs over 60,000 people.

Effort to Hire Individuals with Disabilities

Meijer developed this program in order to hire more individuals with disabilities as a commitment to an inclusive company culture and the many communities where they have a presence. 

Program Design

Meijer shifted their approach to hiring individuals with disabilities by partnering with vocational rehabilitation service centers and community rehabilitation organizations as part of their talent pipeline and changing the responsibilities of specified positions to better fit the skill sets of the people they were seeking to hire. This change required managers in a variety of company settings to shift the expectations of specific job roles. 

Key Components

Meijer utilizes local and State agencies as part of the pipeline for the program. This includes a partnership with Lansing-based non-profit Pekam. The program is used by the supply team, distribution team, and in some retail settings.

Because Meijer operates in many regions and states, some organized labor policies must be accommodated. The program received strong endorsement from the leadership at Meijer, and this was a pivotal factor. 


  • Over 200 individuals with disabilities have been hired
  • 4.3% of the supply chain and manufacturing identify as having a disability in the workforce
  • Meijer’s program has been awarded nationally for its success in integrating employees with disabilities. 


Recognition of Talent Effort