West Michigan is at a turning point. With a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion, employers are shifting the image of the region into one that is welcoming­ — a place where anyone can succeed. CEOs and their leadership teams are championing these efforts, recognizing inclusiveness is good not just for business, but the community itself. As they lead the way, PIVOT is a toolkit designed to support them, by providing resources to employers ready to join in this directional shift.

Launching Points

West Michigan companies identified where they needed support while shifting to better strategies to increase workforce diversity and inclusion. Resources for informational as well as implementation purposes are collected and curated in 15 categories to help companies of all sizes and across all industry sectors.

Based on our TalentFirst benchmarking survey, here's how we're doing.

The benchmark survey is an electronic tool for TalentFirst participating employers in West Michigan to score themselves across three diversity and inclusion categories: Employer Demographics, Best Practices, and Supplier Diversity. The percentages below represent data from 21 organizations that completed the TalentFirst Benchmark Survey pilot program, which included data from January 1 through December 31, 2016.

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    Employer Demographics

    The percentage of the surveyed workforce that is white. Other demographic metrics ask companies to report annual data on new hires, promotions, senior management, and board makeup.

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    Best Practices

    The overall best practices score for how West Michigan employers rate themselves in diversity & inclusion. Companies respond across 14 categories, including leadership and accountability, job design, and marketing.

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    Supplier Diversity

    The percentage of employers applying best practices in supplier diversity. Measurements examine steps taken to increase purchases of goods and services from minority-owned businesses.

Our Strategies

We have implemented four strategies to help West Michigan employers advance workforce diversity and inclusion. The strategies – CEO Commitment, Benchmarking Survey, PIVOT - an Employer Toolkit, and Inclusive Leadership Development (ILD) events – are designed to result in measurable progress and to support one another. Learn about strategies on Our Priorities page.