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    • National Fund for Workforce Solutions | Job Design Framework

      What does a quality job look like? The Job Design Framework allows you to choose the combination of items that best fit the needs of your business and your employees. Employers should discuss job design with frontline workers to identify the most impactful changes. A good job for one worker may not be a good job for another. But the better the job, the more likely an employer will attract and retain the best workers.

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    • A New Definition of Good Jobs

      “Good jobs are essential for good lives,” said Osterman. “Our great challenge is not simply creating jobs but assuring that they are good and, by the same token, upgrading the quality of existing work. We have the tools to achieve these goals but need to come together and build the will to move forward.”

      A group called the Good Jobs Champions Group, brought together by the Families and Workers Fund and the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program, released the new good jobs definition on October 4, 2022 as part of a “Statement on Good Jobs.”

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    • SHRM | How to Ensure Pay Equity for People of Color

      Experts point to bias as a leading cause of pay inequity. To address pay inequities, HR professionals and other experts suggest the following actions:

      • Get buy-in from the C-Suite.
      • Conduct a pay audit.
      • Work smart.
      • Stop asking for pay history.
      • Look through a diversity, equity & inclusion lens.
      • Practice transparency.
      • Limit manager discretion.

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